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Create real time surveys designed for big screen presentations. Answer on any device. No apps to download. Save up to 10 hours each month on data input.

  • doopoll is more useful for live interaction
  • doopoll is easier to use than Slido
  • doopoll can save you up to £2000 annually
  • Maximise ROI by using doopoll throughout the year

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Why people switch to doopoll from Slido

Slido is a slick tool. There's no doubt about that and the basic idea is really strong: give your audience something to do with their hands during a conference and a way to interact with your speakers. But when it comes to buying a tool, you're not limited to just buying Slido.

There's a bunch of different options. So here's doopoll, setting out our stall:

doopoll’s feature set is much better suited to live interaction

Slido only allows you to have a single question live by default. That’s weird because you’re limiting the number of responses you can get at any one moment.

With doopoll, you can engage the entire audience on any number of issues at once. Real interaction!

doopoll’s survey creation user experience is so simple

Event technology should be easy to use for everyone. Slido’s user interface is difficult for creators to use. Specifically, the variety of different types of content formats is confusing.

doopoll is up to $2,400 cheaper each year

Even for a single use of Slido’s cheapest one-off package, doopoll is slightly cheaper. As you want to do more with audience engagement, doopoll’s cost savings are significant.

Here’s a simple price comparison showing a few different scenarios:

doopoll also provides higher ROI when bought annually

Slido is a tool specifically and only made for live event interaction. On the other hand, doopoll is made to be able to do that and also to be able to handle feedback needs throughout the year.

Here are just some things we can do that Slido can’t:

  • Post event feedback
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Course feedback
  • NPS score surveys
  • Focus group feedback
  • Candidate placement surveys

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Responses appear in real time.
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