Best Mentimeter alternative 2020

Create real time surveys designed for big screen presentations. Answer on any device. No apps to download. Save up to 10 hours each month on data input.

  • Presenter view keeps audiences engaged
  • Use throughout the year, not just for events
  • Simple to use on any device
  • Save up to £1,134 annually
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Why people switch to doopoll from Mentimeter

If you're reading this, you already know what Mentimeter can do: help you build presentations using their slideshow software and also allow you to ask basic polls to the attendees at your presentation.

But why do people switch to doopoll from Mentimeter?

Easier to use

Easy to use: doopoll's simple editor gets your live survey out in minutes

Next time you want to build a live survey for your presentation, doopoll's editor will help you get it done in minutes. There's no complicated options to configure and everything can be updated in real time. Publish questions whenever you're ready – your audience will be notified when there's something new to answer.

Better designed results screen

Great for panel discussions, fireside chats, keynote presentations and much more.

Unlike Mentimeter's basic results screen, your results look great on doopoll right out of the box. Our presenter screen will make sure that even the people at the back of your presentation can see what the room thinks. We designed our Presenter screen from the ground up to be perfect for your next presentation.

Maximise ROI – use doopoll throughout the year

Mentimeter can help you build a presentation, sure, but it can't help you with:

  • Post event feedback
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Course feedback
  • NPS score surveys
  • Focus group feedback
  • Candidate placement surveys

Our customers use doopoll for all their surveying needs throughout the year. That means that your money goes way further than when you use Mentimeter.

Save up to £1,134 when you switch to doopoll

Mentimeter is great value when you're a single user running your own presentations. But if you're a team, it adds up fast.

For example, when you're a team of 10 people all using Mentimeter, it'll cost you £2130 for the year. The same capacity account on doopoll will cost you £996 – a saving of £1,134 every year.

Switching to doopoll from Mentimeter just makes sense.

Easy to use survey builder.
Create as many surveys and questions as you like.
3-4x more responses.
Responses appear in real time.
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