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Announcing: A brand new survey editor

Welcome to the new doopoll editor screen. Over the last few months we've been making some big plans for the future of doopoll. Part of these plans involve a host of new question types, to supercharge your surveys and give you more power over how you get insights from your audience. While new features are exciting, we want doopoll to continue to be the the simple and easy-to-use platform you know and love. Which is why we've taken the time to redesign our editor screen, bringing this page to the future, and making room for the new question types that are coming soon. In this update we have worked hard to ensure creating surveys continues to be an enjoyable, intuitive experience, with speed and simplicity at the core.

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November feature update

An update about what features you can expect from us in the rest of 2020

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Textual intercourse: why we’re adding open text questions to doopoll

Today we're launching open text questions – our most requested feature ever

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Get in the flow: How and why we released big changes to doopoll’s editor.

We've made it easier to create, share and review surveys. Here's how and why we did it.

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Plan ch-ch-changes: We’ve made new features available to more people.

Tl;DR – paid plans on doopoll are now better value for money with more features available on each

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Announcing: Auto join your organisation's account

This new feature helps you ensure that your organisation is getting maximum value from your subscription

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