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Coronavirus return to work survey template

Returning to work is a big deal for management and staff. Ensuring that everyone has their voice heard and is comfortable with the transition, is an important part of this process. This survey template will help you get started

Why is the Coronavirus return to work survey template important?

Coronavirus return to work survey template

Many companies are transitioning back to a workplace environment. With the vaccination effort progressing, and restrictions lifting, more and more people are returning to the workplace. But how do your staff feel about this? Assessing the situation is an integral part of the return to work process.

Using a return to work survey will allow you to find out how best to accommodate your employees in an environment they feel safe and comfortable in. You will understand what challenges are facing your employees, and what safety measures you'll need to have in place to keep things running smoothly.

Anxiety and illness can massively impact peoples lives, and every company should have the wellbeing of their staff at the top of their priority list. Get started today by using this return to work survey template.

  • Get ahead of the curve with this, the sooner you understand your employees feelings the quicker you can deal with any issues that arise.
  • Furloughed workers may need additional attention. Try adopting the survey to include workers who not only have to transition their place of work, but their whole day to day lives.
  • Focusing on employee wellbeing is about more than just asking the right questions. Get strategies in place to help those who need it!
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