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Post churn user survey template

Churn happens! Don't let it drag you down. Instead, find out what caused your customers to churn

Why is the Post churn user survey template important?

Churn happens! Sometimes you lose customers. It's an inevitable part of running any kind of business. And although it can feel like the end of the world occasionally, the important thing is to stay focused on the reasons that a user or customer churned.

For example, a customer who left your business because they found a better alternative somewhere else should inspire you to action. While a customer who no longer needed any service like yours should provoke a totally different reaction.

Use these questions to find out the reasons that customers churned and then think about how their responses might affect your strategy.

What questions are in the post churn user survey?

What was the reason you originally chose [COMPANY]?

Although it could seem counter intuitive, framing the rest of the survey with the reasons that a customer initially bought your product or service can be useful in understanding how significant their recent churn is to you.

If they bought because of price but then subsequently left because of affordability, you'll have a meaningful data point to factor in to discussions with your team.

How big a factor was each of the following in you deciding to stop using [COMPANY] products and services?

It's the obvious question to ask when someone stops being a customer. You don't need to address every single objection that a customer may have to continuing to be a customer. But collating all their responses into a multi slider question like this one should give you a picture if there are any obvious areas for improvement.

If you found an alternative, who did you choose?

It's always useful for your team to understand if someone chose a competitor. That way you can review the messaging and the offer of the people who just acquired your old customer.

Is there anything we could have done differently?

Sometimes, it's 'not you, it's me' but other times, and especially in business, it is you. Ask an open ended question like this one to get a clear picture of why a customer feels that your business isn't the right fit for them.

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