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Pain Point SEO survey template

Planning your website's content? Learn about customers' pain points with this survey

Why is the Pain Point SEO survey template important?

This set of questions is based on Grow and Convert's Paint Point SEO blogpost and is aimed at helping you find ideas for high converting content creation opportunities. The idea of Pain Point SEO can be summed up in the following ways:

  1. A poor strategy for getting new customers online is to create content that simply attracts a lot of traffic
  2. It is better to understand a customers' pain points using surveys, interviews and other types of research
  3. And then use that information to write content that addresses their pain points directly

The question set which Grow and Convert propose for this survey isn't exactly unique. However, it is structured in such a way that it helps surface key problems that a potential customer is facing.

Here's what they suggest SEOs and Marketing people ask their customers:

What was the problem you were looking to solve before stumbling across our product or service?

Something which we often see that you wouldn't expect: people who buy products don't always buy them for the reasons we expect them to. This is particularly baffling when you're trying to grow a business. This question will help you gather some of the keywords that you should be looking at when you're thinking about your content strategy.

If our product/service were no longer to exist, what product/service would you use as an alternative?

It can also be hard to understand who your customers see as your competition. For example, many people think about doopoll in the same category as SurveyMonkey (a 'kitchen sink' survey tool). But others talk about us as an alternative to Slido (a presentation tool). Understanding how different groups view your business can unlock new insights into how you should talk about what you do online.

How would you describe our product/service to a friend who knew nothing about us?

When it comes to search, there are often opportunities for terms to target that you might not have thought of in relation to your product. Asking a question like this one can give you new ideas about how people might be searching for a solution that you can provide for them.

What are the top 3 benefits that you receive from our product/service?

We ask people this question all the time at doopoll. Understanding how customers benefit from your service already helps you communicate the value of your solution to leads. For example, if you have a productivity tool that works really well in teams, you're able to tailor your messaging to teams who are currently not effective or productive.

If you were to research our product or service, what would you search for?

Grabbing a couple of search terms directly from a customer that has already found you is just smart. The other questions that you've already asked your customers have given you some ideas but this one is a direct question: how should we direct our efforts in future?

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