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Manager performance survey template

No-one likes a bad boss. Find out how the people you manage feel about you

Why is the Manager performance survey template important?

In any organisation, no matter how good the staff and team members do, if the managers they're working under aren't at their best, the business will struggle to grow.

That's why it's important to use surveys to get a feeling for how well the managers are doing. Of course, you're already tracking performance against targets with systems like KPIs or OKRs but those things can only tell you how the organisation is doing at the moment.

Should employees review their managers?

A lead indicator for the future performance of your organisation is how the direct reports of the managers feel about their leadership.

This survey will help you set up an early notice system in your business to ensure that managers and employees are getting on well and that there's mutual respect, a feeling of safety and a healthy culture in your organisation.

How do you evaluate a manager's performance?

This template was created by experts in surveys. Be sure to adapt them to your organisation's needs and ensure that you're asking questions that are relevant to your teams.

How much do you agree: "My direct line manager communicates information in a clear & honest manner"

Effective leadership is vital in any organisation. Understanding how employees feel about management performance helps your organisation to grow because you can diagnose and treat problems early. Clear communication is a big part of effective leadership. This question gives staff and opportunity to feedback on their supervisors' command of this key skill.

How much do you agree: "My direct line manager provides clear & specific feedback on my performance"

Beyond being good communicators, the managers in your organisation should be able to give direct and clear feedback that is specific to each employee. We've all been in companies where this just isn't the case. But checking in with staff about how their managers are performing will give you an indicator of when you need to intervene and help your supervisors to give better feedback to their reports.

How much do you agree: "I receive recognition from my manager for a job well done"

It's well recognised by psychologists that recognition is a key factor for good performance. In fact, it's so important that it's on Maslow's hierarchy of needs (Esteem). Wouldn't you be mortified if your employees were doing great work but not getting positive feedback from their managers for a job well done? I definitely would. Better ask them how their supervisor is doing!

How much do you agree: "My direct line manager holds employees accountable for high standards of performance"

Good performance at every level of the company is the biggest factor in whether a company will grow or not. But so often, organisations let this fact slip. Asking employees to hold you accountable as a manager will ensure that you're taking good care of the overall health of the company.

How much do you agree: "My direct line manager creates an inclusive and positive team atmosphere"

Toxic work environments cause employees to leave. Likewise, inclusive and positive cultures cause employees to thrive. Facilitating a good working environment should be a key priority for every staff member – but especially so for people in management roles.

How much do you agree: "My direct line manager actively supports my development"

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that most people want to improve themselves in life. You need only look at the training programmes that are on offer on the internet to see how big a priority this is for people. Continuing professional development is a hot topic and has been for decades now. Ensure that your managers are keeping on top of your employees' needs in this area with this question.

If there is any specific feedback you would like to give on your managers' performance, please enter your comments below.

A management performance survey question set can tell you a lot about how your employees feel, but Ask employees for their opinion with an open text question on the company's performance, and give them a direct line to the management team. Imagine how empowering that will feel for your staff.

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