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Employee satisfaction survey template

How happy are your team at work? Happy employees make for healthy businesses

Why is the Employee satisfaction survey template important?

No matter whether you call it an employee satisfaction survey template or a staff satisfaction survey template, the questions that you ask of your employees will help your organisation to grow and your team to succeed in their careers.

Use this survey template to discover your employees satisfaction levels across the business. Understanding if they're engaged is key to your business outcomes. Just as understanding whether your employees are willing to recommend your company as a great place to work is a KPI for staff retention and loyalty.

What's the difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement?

You often hear the two terms staff engagement and employee satisfaction used interchangeably. And that's OK but it's not quite accurate.

Employee satisfaction is an indicator of how enjoyable your team are finding their work. And we know that there's a positive link between the amount a person enjoys their job and how likely they are to stay in it.

Employee engagement is a measure of how much your employees are engaged in the work that they're doing in the company and whether they feel they're succeeding.

So employee satisfaction is a dimension of employee engagement – it can tell you a part of the story whereas employee engagement is really a much broader and comprehensive picture of whether the feel valued or not in their work environment.

When to do employee satisfaction surveys

Because employee satisfaction surveys are a good indicator of how healthy the working environment is in your organisation, employee satisfaction surveys can be used in these situations, for example:

  • When you're looking to do a recruitment drive – it's good to get some shareable metrics from your current staff about how they feel at work.
  • If you've noticed a negative environment in the organisation. This is often seen most easily when there's a drop in productivity.
  • Maybe you've noticed that people are calling in sick more frequently or they're missing important deadlines in their work. That's a sign that employee satisfaction is low. Measure it to check.

Ultimately, you know your organisation best. Just go with your gut about when to use an employee engagement survey to measure your company's culture. Employee morale can be positively impacted by providing an opportunity for them to provide feedback using this templated questionnaire.

What questions to ask in an employee satisfaction survey

Our expert written employee satisfaction survey template contains the following questions.

How much do you agree: "I am motivated to do the best job I can"

Do your employees do the bare minimum necessary? Or do they excel in their work. This question gives you a clear insight into the pulse of the organisation from the get go.

How much do you agree: "I feel passionate about the job I am doing"

Whether or not they're interested in the job that they're currently doing will have a huge impact on a staff members' productivity. It's also an indicator of whether or not they're going to be around in 1 years time.

How much do you agree: "I tell others outside of this company the great things about working here"

There's a variation of this question called the eNPS (Employee net promoter score) and while that in itself can be effective, this question is actually much simpler. You're not looking for a scientific answer, but you just want to know whether people like working in your company enough to recommend it to a friend.

How much do you agree: "I am proud to work here"

Pride goes a long way in contributing to great work. When we asked about doing the best job they can, we learnt a little about this. However, go deep and try to understand whether your employees are proud of the work they're doing at your company.

How much do you agree: "I feel a strong sense of commitment to this company"

It is expensive to replace a staff member who leaves because they didn't really feel any commitment to the company. So make sure that your team are happy and committed to the company. This question will give you insights into how you may need to think about improving job satisfaction.

How much do you agree: "I intend to be working here in one years time"

Sort of reflective of the question before this but more explicit. Understanding about whether employees would consider switching jobs within the next 12 months would give you a runway to make valuable changes to their work environment.

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