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Employee motivation survey template

Use this survey to gauge employee motivation. Excitement and drive for work has been shown to significantly increase staff performance, as well as reducing the cost of recruitment by stopping employee churn in its tracks.

Why is the Employee motivation survey template important?

What are the benefits of motivated employees?

Motivated employees are a key part of the success of your business. According to numerous studies there are a tonne of benefits including;

  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Lower employee churn
  • Increased performance
  • Better customer service

But it's not all about business objectives. Motivating employees is also about creating an environment where the well-fare and wellbeing of your staff is given paramount importance. It's the responsibility of every employer, to help staff thrive and should be taken seriously.

How do you motivate employees?

Take employee happiness seriously

According to Forbes controlled experiments where employees were given opportunities such as flexible scheduling, company benefit packages, and better working environments, showed up to a 20% increase in productivity. But it's not a one size fits all solution. Talk to your employees and find out what matters to them, and you could quickly see an uptick in employee happiness

Get your employees involved

Involve employees at all levels. Create a safe space where staff can engage with company decisions, and are encouraged to speak up when problems or ideas come to light. This shouldn't be a process of putting out fires. Constant communication and repeated active engagement can solve all manner of issues before they grow harder and more expensive to fix.

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