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Employee benefits survey template

Mindfulness apps. Gym memberships. Healthcare. What do your employees really want? Use this to find out.

Why is the Employee benefits survey template important?

Offering a comprehensive and relevant employee benefits programme to your staff is one of the best opportunities for increasing employee loyalty and engagement as well as reducing the likelihood of churning team members at the same time.

So why wouldn't you actively track how well supported your employees feel through your company's employee benefits programme?

HR and People teams put loads of work into ensuring that the financial, work and wellness benefits they offer as part of an employee's compensation package are on brand and satisfy the employees needs.

Maybe you'e already doing a great job of this and are offering good lifestyle bonuses such as gym membership, flexible working and vacation/holiday programmes.

But to ensure that you're continuing to understand employee benefits needs as they develop, ask your people the following questions in an employee benefits survey.

What questions should I ask in an employee benefits survey?

Our expert written survey questions will help any HR or People Operations team to get their finger on the pulse of the organisation. Here's what you should be asking:

How satisfied are you with the benefits offered by your organisation?

It's a quick question but an instant feel at the start of your survey of the overall sentiment amongst your employees gives you an opportunity to set the tone.

You can optionally use this question to filter responses to the rest of the survey. For example, when reviewing your results, you may like to know how people who answered 'dissatisfied' to this question went on to answer the following questions. Doing this will help you make specific improvements using the data that you gather from that segment of your employees alone.

How much do you agree? "I understand what benefits are offered to me through the organisation.”

A lot of the time, in our experience of employee benefits surveys, this question turns up the most cost effective opportunity to create change. It may be that your employees just don't know that there are benefits available to them.

Try filtering responses by this question too. People who answered 'Disagree' or 'Strongly disagree' are primed for a quick meeting to explain what benefits are available with a view to increasing overall satisfaction.

How much do you agree? "The benefits I'm offered in my current role are in line with what I'd expect”

We all know that team members are checking to see what their peers in other companies are getting from their employees. It's an unavoidable fact. Most people want to keep up with the Joneses.

So ask people whether they feel the benefits offered to them in their current role are comparable to those offered by other organisations. This will help keep a staff members' wandering eyes from straying to your competitors!

How satisfied are you with the organisation's vacation/holiday policy?

No-one wants to feel overworked. In fact, studies show that productivity drops when employees feel tired. Holidays and vacation time give them a moment to reboot, refresh and come back with more spring in their step for the work you're doing at your organisation.

How satisfied are you with the organisation's business travel policy (i.e. hotels, food, transport allowance)?

Look, we all get it: keeping costs of travel down is important. Especially in growing organisations. But when an employee is away from home and their normal day to day, they ought to at least feel comfortable. Ask them this simple question to see how comfortable they feel with the travel policy.

How satisfied are you with the organisation's skills and development programme?

Skills and development is well recognised as a way to improve satisfaction in a company. And so it can be considered an employee benefit. You should be offering your employees an opportunity to learn and grow in their role for now and for the future.

How satisfied are you with the organisation's flexible working arrangements?

Flexible working becomes increasingly important at different times in our lives. For example, at doopoll, we all work from home so that we can look after our kids and families. But there are other benefits such as avoiding arduous commutes. If you have a flexible working policy at the moment, this will give you an insight into how it is working for your team members.

Which benefits that are currently offered to you are most important for you?

An open text question like this helps you understand whether you're hitting the mark and where to increase your investment for other staff members. So often, we see employers offering things to their employees that they just don't want. Don't be that company. It's a waste of time, money and effort. Instead, focus on the things that people really value and use this question to understand the specifics of that.

Which benefits that are *not* currently offered to you are most important for you?

Similar to the previous question but the inverse: understanding what need a staff member may have will help you ensure that you're offering the employee benefit products that suit the actual interest of your team members.

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