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Customer Effort Score (CES) survey template

A popular survey for measuring customer satisfaction

Why is the Customer Effort Score (CES) survey template important?

Customer Effort Score (CES) measures how easy it was for a customer to solve their issue with a company. A classic example would be ease of resolution in a customer support request or, for bricks and mortar companies, the length of time it took to speak to a customer service rep in store. 

Here’s the truth: customer effort score, like all the other metrics that we have talked about in this and in other articles, still only paints a 1 sided view of an organisation. What you’re looking for is the whole picture. You should use this system together with a bunch of alternatives and try to get a health check of your entire business.

There's only one question here:

Overall, how easy was it for you to solve your problem with {{COMPANY}} today?

We wrote extensively about Customer Effort Score in our guide to Customer Satisfaction. Take a look here.

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