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Career development survey template

Find out what your employees are looking for in their careers

Why is the Career development survey template important?

Career and professional development is a huge opportunity for organisations. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Your CPD and skills development programmes can be a magnet for talent, making hiring and recruitment a lot easier
  2. Your current employees will be more productive and loyal when they feel they are being trained up and given new challenges

Measuring employee satisfaction around on the job training is simple with this career development survey template. Here's a summary of the questions:

"My organisation is dedicated to my professional development" How much do you agree?

A simple question aimed at getting a top level understanding of how employees feel about your company's skills and training programmes. A low score on this question should set alarm bells ringing right away and give you a totally different lens to view the rest of your results through.

"I am satisfied with the effort my organisation puts into skills and training." How much do you agree?

This takes the questions down to a much more individual level than the previous question. Now it's about how each employee feels around this topic. Do they think you're being tokenistic in providing upskilling opportunities? Or are they catching on to your genuine commitment to this key area for employee retention? They'll let you know with this one!

"I am satisfied with continuing professional development opportunities available to me in my current role." How much do you agree?

Understanding whether your employees feel that they are offered the correct training and professional development opportunities is a key metric for you staying on top as an employer. You want to see mainly positive sentiment here but you should also brace yourself for a few dissenting voices. If the majority is positive, you'll know you're doing a good job of staff development on the whole. But investing in the team members who gave you negative feedback will help your organisation retain great value in the medium to long term.

How frequently do you feel challenged to develop yourself in your current role?

More than the paid employee training programmes that you might be thinking about, providing opportunities for your employees to stretch their abilities on the job is also a good area for growth. It's well recognised that people learn fast when they feel slightly out of their depth. So how often do your employees and team members get this chance?

How satisfied do you feel with the career development opportunities available to you in your organisation?

You already asked whether employees feel good about the opportunities available to them as individuals, but you should also try to find out how they feel about the opportunities that they may have in the future through your organisation. If this turns out to have a negative overall sentiment but your earlier questions are mostly positive, take action! It may mean that you need to rethink your programmes and training opportunities in order to retain staff.

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