Adding open text comments

Just setting up my first poll and need to know if i can add a comment box/questions not related to a specific question?

We have two text questions.

Standard open text questions

The first one is an open text.

It works the same way any survey tool’s open text might. You can let people write whatever you want.

One benefit of using this is that we perform real time sentiment analysis on the comments – i.e. we tell you how positive or negative the comments are. That way you can find out quickly how your customers or staff are feeling.

Follow up comments

And the other way for asking a text question is by turning on ‘Enable comments’ on any other question. This will allow you to collect a follow up response on the question you just asked.

Choose enable comments to get more context on your responses

Note: You can’t change the text label on a follow up comment. It says by default: “Would you like to comment on your answer?”

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September 23, 2020
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