Top 5 best 360 degree employee survey tools in 2021

James Harding
Head of Product
Top 5 best 360 degree employee survey tools in 2021

What are the top 5 best 360 degree employee survey tools in 2021? Employees are the foundation of a thriving organisation. Issues at any staff level, can cost time and money through inefficient procedures, low morale, and even brand damage. That's where 360 degree survey tools come in! Gaining insight into whats going on is the first step to solving the problems at hand. But what is a 360 degree survey? How do you go about organising one, and what's the best platform to use? All will be answered in this article.

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"More than 85% of all the Fortune 500 companies use the 360-degree feedback process" - Jack Zenger

What is a 360 degree survey?

360 degree surveys are a specialised method for carrying out an employee performance review. They've been around since the 50's and have been adopted by major Fortune 500 companies across the board. These feedback processes allow any staff member to receive insights and reviews from a number of other employees, including their supervisor or manager and generally 5-6 peers ,including reporting staff members, coworkers, and customers. These reviews should be completely anonymous and are normally combined with a self assessment.

This gives organisation a birds eye view on the effectiveness of an individual as an employee, coworker, or staff member as viewed by others.

What are the benefits of 360 degree surveys?

  • Feedback from a wider variety of sources and can reveal much more than 1-1, management lead reviews
  • Time can be saved by spreading the feedback across multiple people
  • Employees feel more accountable towards their team which improves teamwork
  • Less chance of discrimination
  • Generally feedback is considered more accurate

How do I get started with 360 degree surveys?

In recent years 360-degree feedback has continued to gain popularity.  In part this is due to the proliferation of web based tools that vastly improve the ease of performing a 360 degree survey. By moving the process online the downsides (time taken to collect and collate all this info) are removed. So what tool should you use?

First let's go over exactly what a 360 degree feedback tool needs to be successful.

Total Anonymity

Ensuring the confidentiality of those giving feedback is really important if you want to get accurate and honest results. Make sure any platform you use cares about anonymity.

Asks the right questions

The success of any 360 feedback relies on asking the right questions, and structuring them in the right way. That being said, you don't want to spend ages thinking about what questions to ask, and doing research on survey structure or question formulation. Any decent 360 degree feedback tool should be able to help out here, with question banks or even full templates to make this an easy process.

Provides powerful reporting & analysis

You don't want to spend ages collating reports. A good tool will have powerful reporting and analysis features, normally with an easy to read central dashboard that gives you control over the insights you get back. This is quite a hard one to quantify, but the core detail is not having to manually merge each response together.

Easy to use

The tool should also be easy to use and fit for purpose. Going for a platform that boasts it can do 'everything' and anything can sometimes be more of a burden than a solution. Simplicity is best.

#1 - doopoll

doopoll is a real time engagement tool that ticks all the boxes when it comes to 360 degree surveys. Ok maybe we're a little biased. But honestly creating and performing your first 360 degree review on doopoll couldn't be easier. Let's dig down into why. At doopoll you can use our expertly designed 360 degree template and be ready to go in minutes. Anonymity is baked into the platform, and with our repeatable survey feature, reporting is a breeze. All sources of feedback can be collected into one place giving you a fantastic overview, whilst allowing you to dig deeper at the click of a button. Best of all. At doopoll we pride ourselves on our customer support. You can get questions answered in minutes via our live chat, theres not many platforms that can say that.

Pricing: 20 employees - Starts at $18 a month (£12.50)

#2 - SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is an industry behemoth. They've been a round a while and they have a lot of features - some would say too many. It's not that easy to get used too and can be confusing for even the most seasoned of user. That being said they still offer a fairly compelling 360 degree feedback service with 100s of available templates. They also allow anonymous surveys, and have a fairly robust (albeit unsightly) dashboard for reporting. The main issue with SurveyMonkey is pricing, which can set you back a fair bit if you want anything more than one users to be able to analyse results.

Pricing: Starts at $31 a month (for one user)

#3 - Typeform

While Typeform specialises in online form building, it can also be used for 360 degree surveys. It has a good template on offer and if you're looking for style, TypeForm provides some of the best looking forms and surveys out there. Typeform has a wealth of options, including question logic and great personalisation options, all while managing to keep its interface intuitive and less chock-a-block than SurveyMonkey. Pricing is also a fairly steep and customer support is sadly lacking.

Pricing: Starts at $34 a month

#4 - Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a favourite of many enterprise organisations. Pricing is available on contact rather than on their website, and they specialise in larger scale. They have a specialised product for employee engagement called Employee XM. This covers a number of employee feedback tools including 360 degree feedback. Qualtrics offers very high level functionality and perhaps some of the best technical options. This comes at the cost of a high learning curve that some may find prohibitive.

Pricing: On request

#5 - SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a fun and fresh looking survey tool with a lot of options and a whole section dedicated to 360 degree surveys. They offer good templates, anonymity and their customer support is an improvement over some of the others in the list. They also boast about their cheaper pricing, but actually charge per assessment. This makes it cheap for one or two, but at $79 a pop 20 employees quickly sees you rack up a whopping $790 bill.

Pricing:  20 employees $1580 flat rate

What next?

So we've shown you why to use 360 degree survey's and given you a whole host of options. Honestly theres plenty more out there to chose from. But perhaps the best place to start is by taking a look at our expert designed 360 degree template to preview what this looks like. If you like it you can sign up for an account and have the template ready to go within 5 minutes. If you're browsing this page to look for alternatives to your current tool. Then look no further. doopoll is prepared to buy you out of your current annual survey subscription offering you a fantastic no risk way to test us out. We're that confident you'll be impressed.

Easy to use survey builder.
Create as many surveys and questions as you like.
3-4x more responses.
Responses appear in real time.
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