We're no longer offering a free trial of doopoll. Here's why.

Marc Thomas
We're no longer offering a free trial of doopoll. Here's why.

We're changing the way that new users can use doopoll. We think this is better for customers, for us and for the internet. Pay for value, not licences.

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Businesses change really fast. In the past few years, the pace of change at doopoll has been eye watering at times. 

We’ve gone from being a small side-project spun out of a creative agency we were running to being a software product that is used by FTSE 100 brands as well as hundreds of small and medium businesses every day. 



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Our customers have enabled the product to grow. They’ve found innovative and exciting ways of using doopoll to grow their audiences, deepen relationships, stitch communities together, gather people around topics that they care about. 

This work is vital in a world which is so divided. We’re not the whole solution - but I believe we’re a part of it.

That’s truly humbling. 

And it’s with a focus on helping more people to do more of that important work, that we’re changing how new users access doopoll. 

Removing barriers

Over the past 18 months, we’ve run a 14-day free trial model. 

During that time thousands of users have signed up to use doopoll. 

They’ve created tens of thousands of surveys and we’re now just passing 1 million responses through doopoll. That’s a whole lot of information. 

But at the end of the 14 days, a lot of people were getting locked out of their account because they didn’t need to run a second survey at that time. 

As we’ve grown, we’ve learnt this might not be the right way for people to try the product out. We’ve spoken with a lot of customers, people who churned at the end of a trial, and crunched a lot of usage data. 

What we learned was: 

  1. Often people want to create several surveys a year but might not do a survey every month
  2. Particularly for event organisers, the 14 day trial doesn’t work because they’ll often create their live surveys more than 14 days before their event starts
  3. A lot of people want to see the number of responses they get before they decide to invest their time and money into surveying

So here’s what we’re doing

To help as many people as we can engage their communities, customers, stakeholders, and event attendees, we’re making doopoll free to use. We’ll only ask you to pay when you’re getting value from the product. 

You’ll be able to set up your account and create as many surveys as you want. 

You can get as many responses as you like –don’t worry about people not being able to answer your survey, because your trial has ended. You can see your first 5 responses to any survey free of charge. After that you can choose a paid plan to see what the rest of your audience is saying. 

Pay for value

We believe that the world gets better when you pay for valuable things.

In recent years, ‘free’ has rarely meant that you’re not paying somehow. Facebook monetises your data for advertising. Google seems to know what you’re thinking before you do. 

Software has a bad reputation when it comes to free. 

For most of our customers, value happens when they start to get lots of responses to a survey. 

That’s when they’re starting to see the people they’re asking care about a topic enough to dedicate their time to answering questions about it. It’s when companies start understanding how to retain their customers. It’s when audiences start answering because they’ve seen the big screen at a live event.

And we won’t stop collecting responses once you hit 5 responses to your survey. Your respondents will be able to continue responding. And once you switch to a paid plan, you’ll unlock even more value. 

Switching to a pay for value model enables us to continue to grow doopoll responsibly and continue to help our customers get results that help them provide better services, understand their customers and bring their audiences into important discussions.

If you’ve signed up to doopoll and used up your free trial in the past, today we’re restoring your account and you can continue as normal. 

If you’re already on a paid plan, you don’t need to do anything and also, thank you, we love our customers.

Any questions, I’m here to talk marc@doopoll.co 



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