🔥 Livestream: How to plan for business growth in tough times

Marc Thomas
🔥 Livestream: How to plan for business growth in tough times

Join us for practical insights into cashflow management, planning for growth and building good businesses with Lauren Harvey

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News flash: times are tough for small, medium and large businesses. It’s a total rollercoaster out there and on a weekly basis I find myself going through heady heights and crushing lows. 

But like me, many of you will not only be thinking about how to weather whatever storms come for your business over the next 1-9 months, but also how to emerge on the other side of that with a great trajectory. 

The cynics say that accountants know the cost of everything, the value of nothing. However, in my experience that’s just not true. And I know countless business owners who would testify to this: an accountant can be a key partner for growing a healthy business. 

And that’s why we invited Lauren Harvey, founder of Full Stop, to join us on our live stream to talk about planning for growth in tough times.

Lauren is the founder of Full Stop who account for and enable the best of business. I can personally testify that Lauren and her team follow through on that mission with dazzling quality: Full Stop handle a large chunk of the financial operations of doopoll and my personal accounts. 

They allow entrepreneurs to get closer to their business aided by technology, process and relationships. Full Stop’s ultimate aim is to empower business owners to lead lives, that achieve their personal goals by enabling their enterprises with confidence.

During this video you'll learn  how managing cashflow can become, frankly, pleasant in tough moments, how Lauren thinks about planning for the immediate and less immediate financial challenges, and some best practices for building healthy businesses.

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