How Office Om uses doopoll to improve workshop feedback

Steve Dimmick
Chief Executive Officer
How Office Om uses doopoll to improve workshop feedback

Office Om saw an increase from 10% to 90% response rate to post-event feedback surveys using doopoll’s simple sharing features.

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The social, physical and mental wellbeing of workers is a hot topic at the moment.  

And Office Om, who use desk based yoga exercise training to help empower your staff with with strategies to reduce stress and increase wellbeing are leading the way. 

Their training programmes give staff in organisations the tools they need to manage the brick bats that corporate life can throw at them. 

As part of her training workshops, Office Om founder Cathy Bailey uses doopoll to ensure that she’s getting good insights into how people have been empowered through the time they spend together. 

In the past, Cathy tried loads of different ways to get feedback: SurveyMonkey, paper questionnaires. 

But nothing worked because people gave up responding: either they couldn’t work out how to get onto a SurveyMonkey and each paper happy sheet needs to be manually input into a computer – this take up valuable time.

Now, Cathy uses doopoll to do the post-workshop feedback.

“Just used doopoll at a client’s workshop for the first time and they LOVED it,” said Cathy recently, “They’re going to use it at their workshops too.” 

What made the difference for Office Om? 

Previously, Cathy has been asking her respondents to visit a web link to fill out a SurveyMonkey or to fill out a paper form. Both of these are problematic. 

But now she uses doopoll, she doesn’t have to worry about it. 

Using doopoll’s unique QR code sharing option, and leveraging the capabilities of modern smartphone cameras, she just puts a simple QR code on the screen at her events. 

On their way out, she invites attendees to hold up their phone’s camera to the QR code. Most smartphones can now detect a QR code in the camera without needing to download a new app. Their phones flashed up an alert saying that they could click to answer a survey. 

Driving growth in her business

Simple as that. Cathy started to get way more response. In fact, when she started to do this at the end of her workshops, her response rate went from 10% to 90%. 

Office Om can now use that data to really drive growth in their business. They’re including more insights in their feedback process by making a switch to doopoll’s simple, modern survey tool.

Cathy again: “doopoll is solving the problems of so much printing of feedback forms, data entry and getting reliable feedback. This is the future!”

Bonus tip from Cathy

Rather than just getting customer satisfaction metrics from the workshop, she used the captive audience to collect testimonials for her website. 

By asking a simple question like ‘Would you recommend Office Om to someone else’ and then allowing people to comment, she gets really great quotes from happy customers.  

In the next question, she asks for permission to use those comments on her website and on social media!

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