Textual intercourse: why we’re adding open text questions to doopoll

Marc Thomas
Textual intercourse: why we’re adding open text questions to doopoll

Today we're launching open text questions – our most requested feature ever

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Back in 2015, when we launched doopoll to the public, we made a choice to leave out open text questions as a question type. 

Lots of organisations use other survey tools to send out long, boring surveys. A key reason that those surveys were long and difficult to answer is because of poorly thought through open text questions (mostly down to the bad design of the tools they are using). 

We wanted to give people the tools to make surveys that are easy and delightful to respond to. We thought that doing this would make it easier for most people to give feedback and make the feedback more instantaneous. 

And in many ways, we proved that to be true. For example, our response rates are consistently 50-60% higher than other survey tools – not having the ability to add endless open text questions certainly helped there. 

But as our customers have found new and interesting ways to build doopoll into their daily work, their needs have changed.

doopoll is no longer just a tool for a quick office survey, or for getting fast interaction at a live event. Thousands of people are answering all kinds of different kinds of surveys each month. 

We wanted to build a set of features for open text questions that suit the needs of people who are creating surveys in the 2020s.

Over the last two years we released features that allowed respondents to add a follow up comment explaining why they chose an answer. We also added features to help survey creators get quicker insights into their audience with sentiment analysis on those comments. 

With that in mind, today, we’re launching open text questions as a question type, adding all of the benefits of machine learning powered sentiment analysis, good design and best in class response rates. This feature will enable our customers get closer to the people they care about. 

By far our most requested feature, open text questions will allow you to collect more of the valuable information that your audience wants to share with you: from testimonials to demographics; contact info to deeper explanations; original ideas to sourcing questions from the audience at your next event. 

This really is a step change for doopoll and we think you’re going to get a lot of value from this.

If you’re already a doopoll user, you now have access and can add open text questions to any survey via the editor. 

If you’re not yet a doopoll user, we’d love to help you move your existing surveys over from whatever product you’re using. Just create a free account and then drop us a line at support@doopoll.co with a message to tell us you want a hand (use the subject line “Transfer my surveys”). 


I’m running a live event, will open text responses be shown on the Presenter screen? 

If you want them to be! 

Open text will add a whole new dimension to the conversation at your next presentation. Now you’ll be able to collect deep insights from the audience in real time (with sentiment analysis for added depth), collect questions for a panel discussion and more. 

However, if you don’t want to show one or all of your open text responses on the big screen, you can hide them in the question editor. Just check the box labeled ‘Hide on Presenter’ in the Editor.

Can I collect personal information with this? 

Yes, but we have a quick heads up about this. 

doopoll is still anonymous by default – so make sure that people know what you’re going to use any personal information for. It’s your responsibility to handle the data you collect with respect and to comply with the relevant laws – give us a shout if you’re struggling. Be good to people

Can I see text responses by only certain respondents? 

As usual, you can filter by any question and condition using the ‘Filter’ functionalities on your survey’s Report. We’re going to be adding more features to help you out here in the near future but if you have any thoughts in the meantime, drop us a line: support@doopoll.co 

Can you answer another question I have? 

If it’s to do with doopoll or surveys, we can almost definitely help you out: support@doopoll.co 

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