Announcing: extended data capture

James Harding
Product Developer
Announcing: extended data capture

Over the past six months at doopoll, we've been working on one of the biggest changes to the product ever and today I'm happy to show it to you.

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Back in November, we watched with great pride as a huge proportion of our customer base found value in the features around reporting: filtering respondents by their responses; 1-click generation of charts and graphs for use in slideshows, reports and more; and changes that make doopoll even easier to use.

In the first three months of this year, more polls have been created than in the last two years combined. We're on track to surpass a million responses next quarter. And even with a relatively small team, our global response time on support requests is still below 15 minutes on average.

I'm telling you this because I want to demonstrate just how beneficial doopoll is to our customers.

Email data capture provides huge value

Among the reasons people love doopoll is how much insight they get into their respondents. We see engagement rates that are 3-4x the industry average on a regular basis. For example, last month, we had an 89% response rate across all polls created on our platform.

Of all the features we've developed to support our ongoing mission of helping customers get powerful insight and present impressive results, one of the most popular is email data capture – being able to collect an email from respondents at the end of the poll.

People need email addresses for all kinds of things: building a mailing list to validate product plans, growing your customer base, continuing discussions that start in poll responses.

Having contact information provides huge amounts of value for poll creators but, when used well, also provides value for respondents by allowing creators to make better choices for them.

Announcing extended data capture

And so, today, we're happy to be announcing one of the biggest updates to doopoll yet: extended data capture.

From today, when you create a poll on doopoll, you'll be able to ask respondents for permission to collect data about them including:

  • Gender
  • Postcode
  • Age range
  • Employment status
  • Name
  • Email

Respondents have the choice to either give data and have their responses linked to their details, or to not give that data and remain entirely anonymous.

The implications of this are huge for customers. We can now help you segment data more effectively; understand your respondents more deeply; build truly effective mailing lists or  give you data that can flesh out your CRM data; you can now poll staff to find out exactly how they're feeling and react in good time.

This is the first step in helping you work with your data in more ways. Alongside our recent updates with machine learning sentiment analysis of comments as well as better ways to view results and generate reports, we'll be making a number of updates over coming months that will help you join the dots between doopoll and the other services you love using day to day.

But for now, I can't wait to see what you do with extended data capture on your next poll. Log back in and get started right away

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