Get in the flow: How and why we released big changes to doopoll’s editor.

James Harding
Head of Product
Get in the flow: How and why we released big changes to doopoll’s editor.

We've made it easier to create, share and review surveys. Here's how and why we did it.

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We recently made big changes to the way that you create, share and review surveys on doopoll. These changes make it significantly easier to manage your surveys and we hope that you’ll see more use out of and better outcomes from the product as a result. 

Why make these changes?

To give you a little more context, we want to set the scene for you. 

Late 2019, we realised that after 12 months of pretty heavy product development, the screens in doopoll where you can create, edit, share and review responses for your survey were getting pretty cramped. 

We also did a bunch of user research and discovered that some users didn’t actually know about new features we had shipped because they ended up getting hidden away in different menus. 

Additionally, we noticed that a small group of new users were missing out on easy wins for creating surveys and seeing that wasn’t great. 

So we decided to do something about it. 

What did we do? 

Here’s what doopoll looks like now. When you log in, you should see something similar to this: 





But that’s the smallest change. 

Creating a survey is a much easier process now as we guide you through the process in a much more wizard like way. Now when you click ‘Create a survey’ you’re offered a choice between blank survey and template survey. 





A lot of people start out with a template when they first create an account on doopoll. And so we gave the templates a huge overhaul. The new templates are all expert written and have been created to solve specific problems. Here’s a handful of examples: 





Once you’ve chosen your preferred option, you’ll notice that our new editor is significantly improved. 

The main goal here was make it easier to see what you can do with doopoll so that you can benefit from the powerful features. 





On the left hand side bar, we now have three main sections: 

  • Edit & design – for writing questions and adding your company’s branding
  • Get responses – for managing how you share your survey with respondents
  • Review results – for looking at reports, presenter view and respondent data

Under each section, there’s an additional link to all of the main settings for your survey. You can now easily access the survey preview, for example, so that you can see how it looks before you send it out. 

Another example of why this is so useful is what happens when you click ‘Collect emails’. Now you’ll be able to manage GDPR consents, data capture messages and more with a lot of breathing room rather than using a pop-up as before. Or you can Add custom branding with ‘Design’. 

Each section has all of the relevant settings as additional menu items for easy access. No more scrolling around the screen looking for the correct button. 

Keep a good head(er)

As part of this update, we’ve also made it easier to access key actions for managing a survey. These all happen in the header on the editor screens:





In the top right hand corner, you can copy the link to your survey to share it at any moment. 

You can also quickly close your survey if you don’t want to take any more responses. 

We also wanted to focus on helping you feel like you were flowing through the survey creation and review process in a more intuitive way. So we added this: 





You can click a relevant stage in the process to go directly to it, or use the next button if you’d like to quickly move in a linear way. 

What’s next? 

This update makes it easier to create and manage surveys. One of our key focuses for the next 12 months is making it more intuitive to review your results. 

Soon, we’ll be making it even easier to look at the charts and graphs, generate shareable reports and to filter through the results. 

But for now, we’d love to hear what you think of this update. 

Here’s a couple of questions for you: 



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