How Vetro Recruitment use high performing candidate placement feedback surveys to drive their marketing strategy

Steve Dimmick
Chief Executive Officer
How Vetro Recruitment use high performing candidate placement feedback surveys to drive their marketing strategy

Vetro Recruitment has over 100 years of combined experience placing candidates in the health, social care and education sectors. The company is on a mission is to provide a clear and transparent recruitment service to the sectors they recruit for.

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Part of that work includes using doopoll to drive customer and candidate feedback. They use the insights that they gain from their surveys on doopoll to get marketable metrics and to constantly improve as a recruitment company.

Currently, they have a response rate of 74% which demonstrates how successful their approach to candidate engagement and candidate feedback is.

Alastair Tulloch, Founding Director of Vetro said:

"Real time feedback on how we're doing helps us to ensure customers are satisfied, candidates are happy and our business is growing. doopoll's easy to use survey tool helps us to do that in a really innovative way"

According to research the current job market is 90% candidate driven and 77% of companies consider that recruitment marketing is a priority.

This makes reputation more important than ever.

Vetro Recruitment recognised this and joined other forward thinking recruitment companies in using doopoll to prove just how satisfied their candidates are.

What does this strategy look like?

After a candidate is placed, Vetro send out a doopoll survey to them asking for a quick bit of feedback.

Their 5 question survey takes less than two minutes for a candidate to answer and provides huge value for Vetro in their recruitment marketing work.

So what are they asking? They're using a question set that recruitment companies have been using on doopoll to show just how effective candidate placement is at the company.

Who is your main point of contact?

A simple question which helps to understand performance among your account managers. Using doopoll's filtering functionality, you can analyse how happy candidates are when they are placed by Sue as opposed to Jeff. That helps you grow and your team to improve.

How happy are you with the service they provide to you? (You can leave a comment on the next screen)

Getting actionable insights into how your placed candidates feel about the provided service is key. Using doopoll's context comment feature, you can ask for a respondent's reasons for choosing the option that they did. This gives you a deeper and contextual insight into how you're doing. As a side benefit, offering placed candidates the opportunity to comment gives you options for testimonials to use in your marketing effort.

Did you feel well supported through the placement process?

Customers who feel neglected are less likely to recommend you to their colleagues. Remember that research shows that the current job market is 90% candidate driven. That means if you're not benefitting from referrals from happy candidates, you're losing out on a huge business opportunity.

How satisfied are you with the role we placed you in?

We all know how fee structures can work in recruitment. If you're on clawback agreement or a retainer, you need to ensure that your placed candidates are going to stick around. Neglecting this key metric will mean that you're losing out on cold, hard cash.

How likely are you to recommend Vetro Care to a colleague?

This question is a Net Promoter Score question. It's not hard to calculate this metric for yourself. "In most industries, Net Promoter Scores explained roughly 20% to 60% of the variation in organic growth rates among competitors," says the educational website Net Promoter System. "On average, an industry’s Net Promoter leader outgrew its competitors by a factor greater than two times." Can you really afford to not be tracking this key growth number?

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