How Rhondda Housing Association uses doopoll to understand their community’s needs

Steve Dimmick
Chief Executive Officer
How Rhondda Housing Association uses doopoll to understand their community’s needs

How Rhondda Housing Association uses doopoll to consult its community members on major development projects

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Award winning Rhondda Housing Association (RHA) is a social housing landlord that manages over 1700 homes. Established in 1979, RHA has grown and diversified to be a trusted partner in the area and a leading provider of new housing developments, and regeneration.

As well as being a social housing landlord, the organisation is committed to providing services such as support, volunteering, improving health, work experience, money & budgeting advice and varied community projects. 

Tenant and community inclusion is a key focus of RHA’s work and they have made listening to tenants’ views a core part of their business helping to improve and shape the services they provide.

doopoll plays a central part in the community engagement strategy that the innovative organisation has developed. 

Understanding regeneration priorities for the community

Recently, RHA embarked on an ambitious and exciting major regeneration project for a key strategic site in the community. The project will revitalise a prominent site in the heart of the town centre, by delivering a mixed-tenure development over the coming 2 years. With plans for bespoke commercial retail space, co-working areas, affordable homes to rent and, potentially their own new head office, the project is a key priority for their organisation.

But before going too far, it was important for them to understand what the community around the regeneration site thought and to get deep insight into what they wanted from the redevelopment. 

Deep insight into the community

Using doopoll, the team at RHA were able to create an simple to answer eight question survey which got a staggering response rate of 83%, allowing the organisation to have confidence that the data they got back from the community was representative of its needs. 

Luke Takeuchi, CEO of RHA says:

“We were really pleased with the level of engagement on the new regeneration site in Tonypandy. We have already starting discussing some of the key themes at executive committee meeting and with our architects to see how this can be incorporated. Really useful info and importantly a nice quick way to get it!” 

Thanks to the intuitive results and reporting functionality of doopoll, the team are able to see easy to understand charts and graphs that adapt to new responses automatically – ensuring that they have up to date information as the community changes. 

Machine learning powered comment analysis

With traditional platforms, understanding the key themes and moods across hundreds of text comments is really hard and time consuming. 

But using doopoll’s instant sentiment analysis features, the team at RHA are able to see the overall mood of the community without having to manually categorise and code the comments they received on their feedback. 

As plans develop and the project to regenerate the much loved community centre progress, RHA will be able to have confidence in their direction thanks to the volume and quality of the insight which they collected from their community. 

We’re proud to be helping housing associations like RHA to further their goal to be a responsible social housing landlord that benefits the community.

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