How CPS Group uses employee engagement surveys to keep morale high

James Harding
Head of Product
How CPS Group uses employee engagement surveys to keep morale high

In a fiercely competitive industry, CPS Group is looking to win at team engagement. Here's how they measure their progress.

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Ask around and people will tell you: specialist technology recruitment firm CPS Group’s employees are loving life. 

In fact, they’re won awards for being great employers.

In an environment where everyone is driven to help deliver results for their candidates and clients, it’s important that everyone stays engaged and focused. They’re so focused on this that the team send a quarterly survey out to every candidate and client asking them for feedback on every stage of the recruitment process to ensure continuous improvement.

While delivering consistently high quality results for their clients across Europe, the Middle East and Asia from SMEs to FTSE 250 firms alike, the leadership team is focused on making CPS Group a great place to work. 

Top tips4 steps to a great employee engagement survey

It doesn't have to be complicated to get employee feedback. Here's a simple four step process for doing just that:

  1. Work out what you're trying to achieve – Define KPIs and goals that align to your organisation's development.
  2. Create a question set which covers the key points and focuses the survey around the key themes you developed when setting goals.
  3. Set up your survey in doopoll – it's easy to create your account and we have employee engagement survey questions for a number of use cases.
  4. Share the survey with your employees but ensure that you also report back on the findings of the survey. The teams' trust will improve as a by-product of you being open with them about what everyone has said.

Find out more about how to apply this in your business and get expert insights from HR professionals in our guide to employee engagement.

That’s why they use doopoll to collect staff feedback throughout the year. 

As well as sending out a number of shorter surveys aimed at building a feeling of ‘being part of the team’ throughout the year, the team at CPS Group all take part in a longer and more detailed employee engagement survey. 

“It’s really vital that we get insights into how we’re doing as an employer,” says Spencer Symmons, Co-owner/director at CPS Group, which recently achieved Investors in People Silver status. “So as well as fun surveys all year round, it’s important to get structured feedback so we can make meaningful changes and drive growth.”

Research indicates that the cost of replacing an employee who leaves the company can be as much as 150% their base salary. And it’s not only the problem of spending to replace them: when an employee leaves a company, they take with them all the knowledge, connections and team spirit that they contributed to a growing business. 

That’s especially important in recruitment companies like CPS Group where there’s a strong emphasis on team work and ‘family-feeling’ – if a team member becomes disengaged and leaves, it’s less like losing someone you work with, and more like losing a family member. 

As they work towards achieving ISO 9001 accreditation in April this year, CPS Group is using doopoll to ask a number of closed and open questions to their team. 

doopoll helped us bring this out of our team and get a clear picture of where they’re enjoying work and where they need a little encouragement.

On their most recent employee engagement survey, they collected an average of 4.9 comments from each team member. That’s valuable insight that they might not have had if they hadn’t sent out the doopoll. 

Making sense of so much data from a team can be hard with a traditional survey or employee engagement tool. But using doopoll’s real time sentiment analysis, CPS Group were able to quickly see themes emerging and draw ideas for improvement out of the data. 

“Getting an accurate picture of how we’re doing isn’t only about the closed questions,” says Symmons. “It’s also about the stuff that people can’t express with a simple vote. doopoll helped us bring this out of our team and get a clear picture of where they’re enjoying work and where they need a little encouragement.” 

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