Announcing: A brand new survey editor

James Harding
Head of Product
Announcing: A brand new survey editor

Welcome to the new doopoll editor screen.

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Over the last few months we've been making some big plans for the future of doopoll. Part of these plans involve a host of new question types, to supercharge your surveys and give you more power over how you get insights from your audience.

You can read more about these upcoming changes here.

While new features are exciting, we want doopoll to continue to be the the simple and easy-to-use platform you know and love. Which is why we've taken the time to redesign our editor screen, bringing this page to the future, and making room for the new question types that are coming soon. In this update we have worked hard to ensure creating surveys continues to be an enjoyable, intuitive experience, with speed and simplicity at the core.

Main changes

  • Question type menu
  • Auto saving
  • Icon and style updates
  • Intro and end screen

Question type menu

We took a long look at the process you were going through to create questions, and felt it could be better. Much better. Needing to write a question before choosing the type you wanted wasn't always an intuitive process. It also felt like our different question types were a little lost on this page, which stopped newer users from having a chance to see what was on offer before getting started.

The new menu shows on the left and is in permanent situ on desktop screens, giving you an easy way to reference the question types doopoll has to offer. Creating new questions can be done with a single click and should feel faster and more fluid than before. Questions will immediately appear on the right, meaning you no longer need to label your question before they're created.


Having to click save every few seconds is a thing of the past. In modern applications like Google Docs, Notion, Airtable and many more, autosaving functionality is a given! This is a feature we are now bringing to doopoll, starting with our editor screen. The survey name, question labels, new answers and all your question settings are now autosaved for you. We've even added a handy little notification to let you know this is happening.

Icon & style updates

Style matters. We've taken the opportunity to spend a little time updating the aesthetics, keeping our personality whilst moving forward into a more modern, clean design that should make our editor easier to navigate and understand. This includes some new icons which we <3 and will slowly be rolled out across the rest of the application.

Intro and End Screen

A simple switch over here. All your survey editing admin, from collecting emails to branding, now sits in the left hand bar, so it made sense for these bookends to join them. The impact? You can now use the main body of the screen for crafting super powerful questions without any distractions.

That's all for now...

We look forward to hearing back from you guys over the next few weeks as you get used to the new changes. We're confident you'll like them but want to hear your thoughts either way! Your feedback matters to us, so don't hesitate to contact the team at any time via the help button in the app.

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