Leading healthcare commission uses doopoll to poll NHS experts

Marc Thomas
Leading healthcare commission uses doopoll to poll NHS experts

How a leading healthcare commission engages NHS experts at their events using doopoll

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At the Bevan Commission's International Conference 2018, delegates from the healthcare sector were asked for their opinion and insight through doopoll.

The Bevan Commission — an organisation that supports and provides independent, authoritative advice on health and care to the Welsh Government and leaders in NHS Wales, the UK and beyond — saw over 500 health professionals, academics and policy makers take part in their flagship event celebrating 70 years of the NHS.

NHS experts live poll at Bevan Commission conference

Doopoll was used to gather insight from the audience which contributed to discussions across the two day conference.

Our event facilitators who helped to run the live poll at the event created questions in response to panel sessions as well as managing the display of pre-drafted questions prepared by the Bevan Commission.

Hannah Scarbrough, Communications and Engagement Manager at the Bevan Commission said:

"We loved using doopoll as a way of engaging our audience and driving debate at our recent international conference. It was brilliant to see the audience responding and to see the results appearing in real time on the big screen. We look forward to using the platform throughout the year to spark discussion during our events and meetings."

NHS experts engaged with live poll
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