Announcing: Auto join your organisation's account

James Harding
Head of Product
Announcing: Auto join your organisation's account

This new feature helps you ensure that your organisation is getting maximum value from your subscription

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Scenario: Ahmed has a paid account on doopoll. Mair works in the same company as Ahmed but a different department and doesn't know about the company's account. So she creates a different account and doesn't benefit from the premium features of doopoll.

We noticed this scenario often in a business or an organisation. Lots of people from different departments signed up to doopoll. One might have access to all of the premium features of doopoll but not realise that someone else in the org wants to use those too.

This felt like a real loss of value for our users and it was causing problems for some customers.  

So now, you can allow people who have the same organisational email (e.g. to join your doopoll account automatically.

​​This means that they'll benefit from all the features that you do and can create as many surveys as they like. Your surveys will still remain private unless you choose to invite them to collaborate on them with you. 

Our hope is that this will maximise the value you get out of doopoll in your organisation.

To turn this on or off, just visit your settings here

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