🔥 Livestream: How event teams are responding to disruption from Coronavirus

Marc Thomas
🔥 Livestream: How event teams are responding to disruption from Coronavirus

Coronavirus completely changed the events industry. Join us on this livestream with Adam Parry where we make sense of it all.

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No-one saw it coming, but now it has changed every industry. Coronavirus is kind of a douche. And it hasn’t been kind to the events industry. 

We should know: voting at live events was until February one of the most significant use cases of doopoll. After February? It’s… kind of a wasteland for us. 

On the other hand, we’ve seen a big uptick in the number of people who are using doopoll to run audience voting on webinars and there’s still a lot of post-webinar feedback activity. 

Additionally, we’ve been running livestreams that actively involve people across social media in live votes using doopoll and Stage Ten. 

So we thought we’d invite Adam Parry to help us make sense of the changes the events industry is seeing. Adam is the co-founder and editor of the event industry’s global online magazine, Event Industry News (EIN).

I first spoke with Adam last year after coming across his Event Technology Help group on Facebook. It’s clear that a) he knows what he’s talking about and b) that he’s amazingly enthusiastic about the events industry. 

As an avid technology evangelist, Adam coupled his 10+ years’ experience in the event industry with his passion for the latest tech trends to co-create Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology. On top of this, Adam is also the co-organiser of the Event Technology Awards, a world-renowned awards scheme showcasing the very best in event technology.


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