5 reasons you should be running post event surveys in 2021

James Harding
Head of Product
5 reasons you should be running post event surveys in 2021

Post event surveys are a vital part of event organisation in 2021. This article outlines 5 reasons why it's so important to get this feedback, and provides tools and resources to help run them effectively.

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So why should I be running post event surveys?

One of the best parts of the events and webinars we run at doopoll, is the post event survey. I know - it doesn’t sound exciting. But trust me, after all the hard work and last minute changes, sitting down with a coffee to review feedback is a welcome change of pace. Seeing positive responses and realising you’ve provided real value to someone, can be pretty inspiring too.  Even when the responses aren’t so positive it can get the cogs turning, and fill you with ideas to improve the next one.

Post event surveys ensure you can constantly work to improve your events, and get the best results for you and your attendees. At doopoll, this is part of our culture. Whether it’s a new feature, or a new webinar, we put the time in to see what happened, and work hard to capitalise on that feedback. Still not sold? Here is our top five reasons why you should be running post event surveys in 2021.

Top 5 reasons for running post event surveys

Make improvements for your next event

Whether you think an event has gone well or gone badly, it is never a good idea to make assumptions until you’ve gone out and asked. Even if you’re right, discovering the specifics means you know exactly where to improve, or where to double-down. And don’t forget - particularly if you didn’t feel like it went as well as you’d hoped - its never a waste if you learn from it. Post event survey’s are an opportunity to grow and improve.

Check in with organisers to ensure operations are running smoothly

Your organisers are the backbone of your event. They’re also a great source of knowledge, and may have noticed things you haven’t. Its also key your organisers are enjoying the event  process and feel excited to get back involved. Whether they’re speakers, MC’s or facilitators at IRL events, getting their feedback is important.

Learn more about your audience

Getting an understanding of who is in your audience can be really powerful. You can get an overview of what type of people or business’ you’re attracting, or equally —  who you’re failing to attract. If it’s relevant to your business you could even look into age groups, gender, location or profession.  Knowing who is attending is the first step to understanding why. When you understand why, it’s much easier to expand your reach or replicate the results.

Get new leads, and turn existing ones into customers

Don’t forget, even if it isn’t the primary purpose of your event, it’s a great place to market yourself and seek new business. Whether you need to advertise for your next event, or generate leads or sales for your core business. By following up and digging deeper you can get direct contact with someone who has already invested time into your company and who may have already seen your value.

Use feedback as testimonials

Use your audiences voice to advertise your next event. Post event feedback is an ideal place to get testimonials which can be used to; advertise your next event, post as reviews on your site, or even used to entice sponsors. There’s no better person to promote the value of your event than a previous attendee. People don’t need to take your word for it!

What next?

Now you understand the important of running post event surveys, how do you get started and what do you ask? Don't worry, we've got your back on this. You can get started today by using one of doopoll’s expert written templates to get going in seconds.  Click here to preview the template.

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