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doopoll provides the framework for your feedback loop. Understand your audience, generate fresh leads and get instant feedback on your product.

We know what it's like to be the underdog, and we're here to help.
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Know your audience

Knowing your audience is a constant process that delivers an unparalleled ROI. Most survey tools have a steep learning curve with complex UI's that makes this process slower and harder than it needs to be. Make it simple with doopoll.
Engage users at every touch point - Send surveys through emails, newsletters, blog posts or on social media with zero fuss
Segment your mailing list with automation – put your data to work by bulking out your mailing list and targeting your niche.
Use expert designed templates – not sure what to ask? Take advantage of the experience we've gained collecting millions of responses, by using our templates
Simple survey builder
"doopoll worked great and is very intuitive to use. I will and have recommended it in the past."
Mike C.

‍‍Generate new leads and grow
your business

Engaging your wider audience with surveys is a sure-fire way to generate new leads. Use doopoll to generate emails or phone numbers, and bulk these out with survey responses to maximise your conversion rate.

Our super simple survey design ensures doopoll gets 3-4x more responses. More responses, more leads.
Email capture – high performing email capture
Easy to respond surveys – respondents will actually enjoy filling out a doopoll survey
GDPR compliant keep your data and email collection in line with GDPR regulations
Easy to use question types work on any device

Understand your results
Reports designed for humans

Our analytics and reporting features are incredibly simple to use, and ensure you can get the insights you need at a glance.
Use our filtering features to perform powerful analysis without the need for a data science degree.
Get beautiful charts at the click of a button. Build reports, presentations or infographics to share results.
Your data - where you need it. Use our versatile export feature to get your data off platform, or hook it up to your CRM wby automating with Zapier.
Survey template for NPS, Post event surveys, career development surveys
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Features like our easy to use survey builder, premade surveys and repeatable surveys make doopoll a great choice for your next survey.
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Find out how easy doopoll makes sharing with options like email, embed, social sharing and QR code (perfect for live events.)
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Real time survey results
People audibly wow when they see your survey results change in real time. And we designed the results page to be beautiful on whatever size screen you're using.
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Easy to use survey builder.
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3-4x more responses.
Responses appear in real time.
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