Easy survey builder. With expert made templates.

doopoll is a survey tool that is easy to use and intuitive.
Ask unlimited questions – even on the free tier.
Choose from 5 question types.
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Easy to use survey builder.
Ask unlimited questions.

You don't want to create a survey. You want to set it up and get responses as quickly as possible. So we removed all the unnecessary stuff that other tools put in your way, so that you can move on with your day.
Create, edit and manage surveys on desktop, tablet and mobile
No apps to download – use any browser you like
Ask unlimited questions – even on the free tier
Choose from 5 simple question types – beautifully designed for any device
Simple survey builder
"doopoll worked great and is very intuitive to use. I will and have recommended it in the past."
Mike C.

Simple question types.
Beautifully designed for any device

Normal survey software has questions like a matrix, a likert and so many things that don't even sound like real words. We don't do that.

With doopoll, you get question types that humans really respond to. In fact, doopoll surveys get 3-4x more responses because they're easy to use. Choose from:
Slider questions – drag a slider along a scale to indicate strength of feeling. Intuitive and accessible.
Button questions – multiple choice, yes/no or whatever you're feeling. Big buttons. Designed for thumbs.
Open text – Other survey tools have this. But they don't analyse the responses in real time with machine learning to tell you exactly how your respondents are feeling.
Easy to use question types work on any device

Survey templates for everyone.
Designed by survey experts.

We know how it is: you've got a survey in mind but writing the questions seems daunting. That's why we've got survey templates available for all the most common survey types.
Surveying customers? Use our Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES) templates with a single click.
Poll for employees? We've got Employee Satisfaction, Employee Benefits and Manager Feedback templates.
Running an event? Grab our pre-event planning template, annual general meeting template or the post-event feedback template.
Survey template for NPS, Post event surveys, career development surveys

Track responses over time, place or group. With repeatable surveys.

One of the most powerful features of doopoll: see how your respondents change over time or place or group with repeatable surveys. Ask the same question set multiple times and compare the results in real time.
Multiple offices? Create a survey for each and see how people differ by location.
Customer segments? Got you! Create a survey for each and get deeper insights.
Quarterly customer satisfaction? No problem. A survey for each will show how you're doing each quarter.
Repeatable surveys
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Features like our easy to use survey builder, premade surveys and repeatable surveys make doopoll a great choice for your next survey.
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Find out how easy doopoll makes sharing with options like email, embed, social sharing and QR code (perfect for live events.)
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People audibly wow when they see your survey results change in real time. And we designed the results page to be beautiful on whatever size screen you're using.
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Easy to use survey builder.
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