Real time results made for the big screen.
And little screens too.

See your survey responses in real time.
Presenter screen for big events and webinars.
Save hours on analysis each month.
1-click charts from survey results.
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Presenter screen for big events and webinars

You do surveys so you can see the results. But traditional survey tools treat them like an afterthought. Our customers love seeing how their audience feels in real time, in big, bold graphics.
Project your results live on a big screen – great for panels and keynotes
Also perfect for webinars - just switch between your slides and doopoll
Live event poll maker

Realtime sentiment analysis.
Save hours on analysis each month.

You asked for open text comments and boy oh boy did your respondents give them to you. Wading through a crowdsourced version of Moby Dick is going to take you a while.

Unless you're using doopoll. In which case you can use realtime sentiment analysis to get a feel for the themes and mood in seconds.
Save time on analyzing open text questions
Order comments by most positive to least positive
Realtime sentiment analysis of survey results

Blend in or stand out.
1-click charts from survey results.

We designed the reports on doopoll to be as visually pleasing and useful as possible. But hey, we won't be offended if you want to download your charts and paste them into your next big Powerpoint presentation instead.
Transparent backgrounds make it easy to paste your charts into whatever you're designing
Charts update with filters applied – query your data and download the most recent version so you've always got the right chart
Downloadable charts for survey results
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Features like our easy to use survey builder, premade surveys and repeatable surveys make doopoll a great choice for your next survey.
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Find out how easy doopoll makes sharing with options like email, embed, social sharing and QR code (perfect for live events.)
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Real time survey results
People audibly wow when they see your survey results change in real time. And we designed the results page to be beautiful on whatever size screen you're using.
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